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Cycling is a wonderful, invigorating hobby for an individual, a team, or even the entire family. While the bicycle was invented all the way back in 1885, it has grown to become the most prevalent sort of vehicle on the planet, surging ahead of automobiles by more than double. Thanks to the wonders of improving technologies, both bikes and the equipment necessary for riding them have received all manner of changes in design and performance. The list of tips, tricks, tactics, and advice below is written with a modern perspective on cycling and an awareness of things to keep in mind when getting into the hobby of cycling.

While a helmet is an imperative piece of equipment for any sort of sport; it is also worth taking the design of a helmet into consideration. While all helmets serve the function of making your head resistant to injuries, you should look for a helmet with a vented top. Venting gives your scalp a chance to breathe, allowing cool air to pass across your scalp and increases the amount of time you can bike without overheating your body. No matter how good a particular helmet looks to you, always try it out before buying it.

Make sure that you have functional pads for your elbows and knees. Any piece of equipment that reduces the potential for injury to the rider is a good investment. Cycling offers several benefits beyond just being an enjoyable way to get around. Because a bike relies on foot power, you do not have to worry about losing money to gas prices. The comparatively smaller frame of a bicycle means that you have a much wider array of options for parking it, to say nothing of the benefit of never needing to pay to park it, unlike with an automobile. Bikes also ignore the costly insurance premiums and intricate maintenance that cars require. One last benefit of a bicycle over an automobile is that you can actually get a decent exercise while riding a bike. Seat height is important to maximizing your cycling potential. When seated and with your leg straight down, the knee should only slightly bend. If this list of tips has sparked even the most remote of interests in cycling within you, please visit for more tips and advice on cycling.