Remove Everything You Do Not Need

Some of the main uses for a BMX bicycle are to do tricks, race and go fast. All of these activities require the bike to be lightweight. Although the stock bike might be lighter than most other types, there is usually some room for improvement. You can do a few things to make a BMX bike as lightweight as possible for maximum performance.

One of the first things that you should do is start removing everything that you do not need from the BMX frame. Some of these bikes come with a variety of features that are meant to be convenient but that really just add to the overall weight. Look for unnecessary clamps that might be attached to hold baskets. You can remove things like chain guards or detangling mechanisms since they do not always help. Go over the entire bike and take off anything that you do not need or want on the frame and wheels.

Switch to Lighter Rims

 A fast way to reduce the weight of a good BMX bike is to simply switch to lighter rims. Some people who are new to cycling do not always realise that there are several types of rims all with the same diameter. The difference you are looking for is the number of holes. Many bicycles come with rims that have 47 holes. The holes are where the spokes are attached. A 47-hole rim has 47 spokes and weighs a good amount. You can easily switch to a 36-hole rim to reduce the weight of the bike without sacrificing durability or having to change the inner tubes and rubber tires.

Replace Steel Parts with Aluminium, Plastic and Titanium

Many of the original parts of the BMX frame are probably heavier than they need to be. This could be because they are made of heavy steel or are made in a way that does not account for weight. The way to make the bike more lightweight is to replace those parts with ones made from aluminium, plastic or steel. You can replace steel nuts and bolts with aluminium versions. You can get plastic pedals or aluminium handlebars with holes drilled into them. There are even titanium rims and cranks that will lower the weight by a noticeable amount.

Cut Down Excessively Long Parts

Some of the parts on a BMX bike can actually be cut off and shortened without affecting performance or safety. This can take some effort since most of the parts are made from metal. One common part that can be shortened is the seat stem. This is the metal bar running into the frame. If it is too long, then cut it down to size. The same is true for any extra metal on the axle that is sticking out too far past the nuts. You could even saw a small amount off the ends of the handlebars. The rubber grips will cover the edges and the bike will look more compact.

You should own a BMX bicycle as it is one of the most durable and versatile bikes available today. They can do amazing tricks that are impossible on other types of frames. Doing just a little to reduce the weight of the bike will improve the performance when racing or trying to land tricks.